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Number plate light KL 1

Made in Germany
Compact micro size
Can be mounted directly to number plate
Complete illumination of number plate
Pure white light
High quality metal casing
Suitable for motorcycles with 12 volt electrical systems
Available in black (170.100)
Pricing apiece

The KL 1 number plate light with its micro size and unique
design is a cool addition to any motorcycle. As opposed to other
LED number plate lights, the KL 1 can be located directly above the
number plate itself. Thanks to its specially developed optics, the
number plate can be lit completely by pure white light.
No part of the light is directed at following traffi c. In its high
quality metal casing, the KL 1 can be fi xed using the accompanying
mounting strips to the number plate bracket or also directly onto
the number plate itself. Instead of the accompanying bracket, the
user’s own bracket can also be used. A tab sized 6x9x3 cm (LxWxH)
is required.

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