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Rebelmoto is a Danish brand known for its state-of-art motorcycle handlebar switches . In 2018 Rebelmoto was founded with the vision to design and fabricate​ ...

Piet Brand, founder of Rebelmoto, has been obsessed with motorcycles ever since he as a teenager borrowed a friend’s dirt bike and tore up his backyard. Many years later, the passion for two wheeled motorized vehicles has not faded and is stronger than ever. After having completed his degree in engineering and getting some valuable experience in the automotive industry, Piet started customizing vintage bikes in his spare time. Being limited by the parts available on the marked he soon after started designing and CNC machining parts for his projects. In 2018 Rebelmoto was founded with the vision to design and fabricate the most high-end custom motorcycle parts on the market. Every Rebelmoto part starts with an idea of design and function. The design is simple, clean and minimalistic with an attempt to eliminate distractions. No waste, no nonsense. The functionally is straightforward and to the point and is the focus point for every new part. For example, the idea behind the Rebel Switch handlebar controls, was a vision of having has few distractions at the front end as possible. At the same time without compromising functionality, herby incorporating all the indicator lights into the controls. Every new bike build is a new passion project that inspires new ideas for parts to make.

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