ODYSSEY Extreme Series Battery PC535


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Hawker Odyssey Extreme Series pure lead battery PC535

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Width x depth x height = 170 x 99 x 159 mm
Cold start current: 200 A

Double the power compared to conventional batteries!

Some batteries have an enormous starting power. Others impress with their large cycle power reserves. The unsurpassed ODYSSEY ® Extreme Series TM batteries offer both.

Even at very low temperatures, the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries have enough energy to deliver peak cranking currents of over 2250 A for 5 seconds - two to three times that of conventional batteries of the same size. And they offer up to 400 charging and discharging cycles with up to 80% depth of discharge at the same time.

How is that possible?

The very thin plates of the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries are made from 99.99% pure lead - and not from a lead alloy like conventional batteries. Using pure lead allows for thinner plates, so more can be installed in the battery. However, more ODYSSEY panels mean more panel surface. This in turn provides greater power – twice that of conventional batteries.

More power with the same size

Like many common spiral-wound batteries, the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries use AGM fleece technology, in which the acid is securely and firmly fixed in the fleece. Therefore, the battery can even be installed lying on its side. However, the flat plate design of the ODYSSEY Extreme Series allows for much tighter packing, eliminating the “dead space” between the cylinders that typically occurs with the typical “six-pack concept”. This increases the plate surface by 15% - and with it the performance!
Data sheet
Width 170.00
Height 159.00
Execution Maintenance free
Depth 99.00

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