ALL BALLS Fork sealing kit incl. dust caps 56-104


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All Balls Racing Fork and Dust Seal Kit.

Reformed breakaway torque and 3-times low friction compared to OE shaft seals
Shaft seals sealed 3-fold
Patented Max-Life manufacturing, enlarges lifetime 3- or 4-times
Dust cover coated with a special grease, to improve responding qualities    

Fork Seal & Dust Seal Kit Kawasaki Z125 PRO 17-18, Yamaha DT50 (SA) 98, DT50 88-90, TT125 00, TTR125 Drum Brake 00-03, TTR125E Drum Brake 03-07, TTR125L Disc Brake 00-07, TTR125LE Disc Brake 03-07  


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