Digital Instrument Acewell 2853S black for BMW K series KIT

This kit enables the installation of the digital instrument to replace the original dashboard of the K-series.
Comprising everything you need for mounting .
Outer shell and ring in black.

Measurements: diameter 73 mm - 41 mm height. Tachometer and speedometer up to 300 km / h; odometer partial and total time, maximum speed, travel time partial and total; LCD display with two lines and a digital bar graph for analog tachometer; LCD display with white LED blue; Storage of mileage and total mileage; Time display even when the unit is off; Setting wheel circumference suitable for all types of wheel (1-3999mm amplitude); A measurement of speed in miles or kilometers; Waterproof body; Turn signals, lights, oil pressure indicator, neutral and motor abnormalities; Fuel gauge in bar graphs. Included in the package: speed sensor with magnet; Mounting kit and custom brackets for the K-series; Wiring with waterproof connections; Installation instructions and manual.

for enabling N light we recommend to buy relay for BMW K series

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