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Super-gel formula – will not run off, soaks and works optimally

CW 1:100 Insect Remover in its super-gel formula removes even stubborn grime.
Completely and rapidly removes all insect remains from the windscreen.
It is extremely economical to apply, since the super-gel formula prevents the product from running, thus allowing it to soak and work longer.
CW 1:100 Insect Remover is also guaranteed safe for the paint and is ideal as a pre-wash before the carwash or cleaning while en route.
It is also suitable for cleaning the front area of the car (e.g. bonnet, bumper, radiator grille, headlights and plastic lenses).
Gel-type cleaner, so stays on and works optimally.


Please note : Due to limitations of transport this product  cannot be dispatched out of EU via DHL AIR service !!!


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