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Silent Sport exhaust tape / heat protection tape black

The black Silent Sport ™ exhaust tape is suitable for wrapping around manifolds. This wrapping has two effects. On the one hand, the tape isolates the sometimes extremely hot manifold and thus offers protection for the driver and equipment. On the other hand, the tape causes the exhaust gases to flow faster through the manifold thanks to the thermodynamic effect. This in turn leads to increased performance.
The tape can withstand a permanent temperature load of up to 750 ° Celsius and has been extensively tested in racing.

  • Exhaust heat protection tape
  • Temperatures of up to approx. 500 ° C can arise on the outside of an exhaust manifold when the vehicle is in motion (for comparison: at 650 ° C the manifold begins to glow visibly dark red). Even if in most cases it is guaranteed that the manifold is cooled by the airstream, there may still be a need to provide additional insulation, e.g. on the motorcycle to protect the driver and front passenger from burns from poorly positioned manifold pipes, or on the automobile to reduce very high temperatures in the engine compartment.
  • A reduction in the heat radiation of the manifold to the outside through insulation usually also contributes to the better performance of the engine through a thermodynamic effect: Hot gases flow faster and therefore heating the exhaust gases in the manifold by suction promotes the removal of the exhaust gases from the combustion chambers, which in turn causes better filling of the same with more ignitable fresh gases.
  • Heat protection tapes from Silent Sport have been tried and tested in racing and are ideal for insulating the manifold pipes, because they are characterized by a very high temperature resistance (750 ° C) and a high degree of flexibility, which also enables wrinkle-free wrapping of very tight radii.

However, please note:

  • Wrapped chrome exhaust parts can permanently discolour (tarnish) due to the higher temperatures inside.
  • Due to the changed thermal conditions and the changed resonance conditions in the exhaust, it may be necessary to readjust the carburetor or, in extreme cases or in connection with other components, to change the nozzle (usually it must be adjusted more heavily)
  • In the event of improper use (e.g. if temperatures over 750 ° C are exceeded for a long time), residues can also occur on the wrapped parts, which can sometimes be difficult to remove.
  • Manifolds wrapped in heat protection tape can help the engine reach operating temperature more quickly. Air-cooled engines can get a little hotter than before while driving.
  • The insulating effect of the heat protection tape reduces the outside temperature of the wrapped manifold pipe and thus protects against spontaneous burns when touched, but the insulation is by no means complete - caution is still required!
  • Newly installed heat protection tape will smoke and smell a bit on the first trip - this does not affect the performance of the material and is released after a short time

Important note: With modern 4-stroke engines with a high liter output (e.g. BMW), we advise against the use of the exhaust tape, as the permissible temperature range can be permanently exceeded here due to coordination. You can tell by the fact that the tape turns white.

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