HIGHSIDER digital flasher relay PW-NANO


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HIGHSIDER digital flasher relay PW-NANO, 8-18 volts, for flashers from 0.1-21 watts (max. 42 watts per side).

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Extremely small, load-independent digital flasher unit that is ideal for LED turn signal conversions or for conventional 10 watt or 21 watt turn signal bulbs. The relay provides an absolutely constant flashing frequency
and fits in almost all steering tubes or frames.

Precisely matched - the extensive range of accessories from HIGHSIDER is perfectly tailored to your motorcycle. With the highest level of quality and functionality, you can easily design your bike according to your wishes.

Length: 15mm
Width: 5mm
Height: 6mm

Technical specifications:
Supply voltage: 8V - 18V
Load range: 0.1W - 42W per side
Simple connections via 2 lines:
Connect the red cable = 12 V (+) to terminal 49, it is recommended to connect a 10 A fuse upstream
Connect black wire = ground (-) in series to turn signal switch with terminal 49a

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

In various English vehicles (BSA, Norton, etc.) all consumers are connected to ground, plus is on the frame. Therefore, when assembling the PW Nano, the black wire must point to battery ground and the red wire must point toward the switch.
Not suitable for push button switches.
Not suitable as a flasher relay kit that has a hazard warning flasher function or other additional functions.

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Vehicle brand UNIVERSAL

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