Fuse Box 4/6/10 Way with LED Warning Light

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4/6/10 way fuse box.
With LED fuse blown indicator. If a fuse blows the red LED next to the problem fuse, illuminates allowing for fast and hassle free identification of a fault.
Each fuse holder is numbered to make fuse installation and identification as easy as possible.
1 positive power input stud with side mounted spade connections.
Can be secured via 2 pre moulded holes.
Transparent plastic cover with push latch system, easy to operate, splash and dust-proof design.
Made by professional manufacturer, durable construction, quality assurance.




4way - approx. 85 * 45 * 35mm

6way - approx. 85 * 60 * 35mm

10way - approx. 85 * 105 * 3.5cm




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