MAGURA HC1 Brake lever 12mm


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Brand: Magura

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MAGURA RADIAL HC1. The compact hydraulic brake assembly that delivers great value for money.

If you have high expectations in terms of riding dynamics, safety and comfort, and you want to make a good motorcycle even better, then the time is right for the new HC1. This compact radial lever assembly makes optimising your bike an easy decision.

True motorcycle fans will love the confidence-inspiring braking precision and strong, direct pressure point. In fact, once you've experienced the performance of a MAGURA Radial master cylinder, you'll never want to settle for anything else.

The angled design of the pump makes the HC1 much easier to install. Like all MAGURA brand products, this ABS-compatible radial brake assembly incorporates cutting-edge technology, ideal ergonomics and amazing attention to detail.

The HC1 comes with a pre-mounted brake light switch and brake fluid reservoir.

At a glance:

  • For superbikes, supermotos and road sports bikes
  • Optimal lever kinematics
  • Fully adjustable brake lever reach
  • Extremely well engineered
  • Forged lever and cylinder
  • Direct pressure point
  • Powerful braking with more precise feel
  • Space-saving design
  • Impressive value for money
  • ABS-compatible

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