Axel Joost lunch box remover, BMW K models


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The bread box remover evaluates the neutral circuit of the K models and has 2 outputs for the release of the start relay and the neutral indicator LED. In addition, the resistor for the excitation load is integrated and the signal from the speed sensor is amplified from 0.2 volts to 8 volts, which means that most accessory tachometers will run. This module allows to replace the original speedometer and the old wiring harness with little effort.

Dimensions: 41 mm length x 26 mm width x 12.5 mm height
Power consumption: Approx. 20 mA
Casing: Black impact-resistant ABS plastic, waterproof encapsulated
Input voltage: 7 - 18 Volt
Connections: 0.14mm², 20 cm
Maximum ambient temperature: 80 degrees Celsius

Scope of delivery: 1 piece


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