Axel Joost Electronics box version C with 1 handlebar adapter


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Axel Joost electronics box version C with 1 handlebar adapter

The available electronics boxes on the market all reduce the number of routed cables on the bike. This makes the installation easier.
Despite this, it's amazing how much cable is still on the bike. Therefore we started the following development together with ''Cafe Racer Kits'' from England:

The universally applicable digital wiring harness version C (The C stands for Communication...) for button control goes a revolutionary new way:
A small control box on the handlebar, available with 1 or 2 handlebar adapters and a small control box on the rear part of the bike take over the complete control of the bike and '''talk'' about a thin serial line.
The load cables to the consumers are wired from the respective closer box. This saves several metres of cable, the load lines to the consumers are shorter and the installation time is drastically reduced in the case of a new installation.

Dimensions: Handlebar box: 40mm length x 12.5mm width x 25mm height
Frame box: 50mm x 42mm x 12mm
Current consumption: Maximum 7mA at 12V
Housing: Black impact resistant ABS plastic, waterproof molded
Input voltage: 7 - 18 volts
Connections: Control inputs 0.1mm², power outputs 1 mm², 20 cm
Maximum output current:
5 amps per output, 3 amps for horn output
Maximum ambient temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
Allowable current from 12V connection: 20 amps




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