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mo.Lock is a contactless, digital ignition lock with RFID technology and replaces mechanical ignition locks.

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The mo.Lock is a non-contact, digital ignition lock with RFID technology and replaces mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching function.

The associated digital key/key is only approached to the mo.Lock (switching distance approx. 40-50mm) and the ignition switches on or off without contact, as if by magic.

The mo.Lock is based on the latest RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) and is therefore extremely tamper-proof, in contrast to radio remote controls, for example. Each key is unique due to its digital code. Only the correct digital code can activate the mo.Lock. Neither the key nor the mo.Lock can wear out mechanically. The mo.Lock itself switches a car relay that can be loaded with up to 40A - that's easily enough for any on-board network.

The hidden installation of the small mo.Lock behind non-metallic parts, eg behind a plastic side cover, enables the mechanical ignition lock to be completely removed. Clean optics and creative freedom are guaranteed. Ideal possibilities especially for custom bikes!

The optionally available 'Glass Tube' is so small (3 x 13 mm) that it can be sewn into the glove, for example. It should be noted, however, that the Glass Tube Key has a reduced range of 5-10mm switching distance. The supplied 2 standard keys (teardrop) are the size of a keychain.

All keys can be bought like a blank key and then 'trained' to the respective mo.Lock.

All benefits at a glance:
- RFID technology is tamper-proof
- each key has a unique code
- The key/key switches the mo.Lock without contact and the entire on-board network via the relay
- Key/Key and mo.Lock are not subject to mechanical wear
- No battery is required in the key/key - therefore no failure possible
- No overloading or burning of contacts possible due to indirect switching via 40A load relay
- the mo.Lock is very small and can be hidden in many places
- the mo.Lock is completely encapsulated and therefore water and vibration resistant
- Depending on the type, keys are very small (key fobs) to tiny (glass tubes) and can also be integrated into objects such as gloves, clothing, pendants (NOT METALLIC!) etc
- Keys can simply be bought later and 'taught' on the mo.Lock - so the locksmith is already integrated
- Due to the switching distance of approx. 4-5cm, contactless, convenient switching on and off is safely guaranteed, but unintentional actuation is excluded
- An integrated LED shows the status of the mo.Lock during installation and connection as well as when learning new keys

Dimensions and technical data:
Diameter of the transmitter/receiver on the vehicle: 30 mm
Height: 14mm
Cable length: approx. 50 cm
Weight with cable: approx. 30 g
Fastening: 2 x M3 threaded sockets on the back
Operating Voltage: 6V-18V
Operating temperature: -20°... +80°C

Scope of delivery:
mo.Lock with approx. 50 cm connection cable
1 user key and 1 master key (teardrop)
1 car relay 12V 40A
4 flat plugs with insulation sleeve
flying fuse
detailed installation and operating instructions

NOTE: We do not recommend using the mo.Lock in conjunction with an immobilizer! Check with your dealer/manufacturer if the immobilizer can be deactivated.

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Vehicle brand UNIVERSAL
Execution Digital


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