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Mini load relay by Axel Joost Elektronik

This electronic load relay has 2 outputs, each of which can be loaded with 60 Watt and takes over the switching from low beam and high beam via miniaster. The size of this load relay fits into any lamp. The two outputs can be connected in parallel via an additional programming cable so that 1 x 120 Watt can be switched. The outputs of the mini load relay can be loaded up to 6 Ampere each. By the way, they are short-circuit-proof and limit at 15 amperes.

Dimensions: 47 mm length x 16 mm diameter
Current consumption: Maximum 7mA microcontroller, calculated without power unit
Casing: Black ABS, black Odopal casting resin
Input voltage: 7 - 16 Volt
Connections: Control part 0.5mm², power part 1 mm², each 10 cm
Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
Admissible current from 12V connection: 5 Ampere continuous current, short-circuit proof.

Red (thin) = Keys or switch input
Yellow = Both outputs switch simultaneously if cable is bridged to ground.
Green = The load relay only works with light switch if cable is bridged to ground.
Blue = The dipped beam is switched off once the ignition is switched on.
Red (thick) = + 12 Supply voltage
Violet = Output low beam
Violet = Output high beam
Black = Ground

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Please note that the mini load relay may only be installed by appropriately trained service technicians
. Please do not install near the ignition system. 

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