YSS BMW R-Serie RZ362-330TRL-04


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BMW Custom YSS series

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Brand: YSS

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Pair of shock absorbers RZ362-330TRL-04-X- Pair of shock absorber
- Rear
- ABE Homologation
- Thread spring preload
- Adjustable rebound
- Adjustable shock absorber lenght
- Emulsion shock gas absorber
- Length:325-335

T = Threaded Preload

By threading the cylindrical shock absorbers, user can turn the preload to fine tune the spring and tighten a provided bolt to fix the ring in its position.

R = Rebound Adjustable

Controls the recovery of the shock absorber. Fast or slow depending on driver needs. It is designed to have a volume control knob needle shaft Free Bleed oil through hole and the knob Rebound is designed to sense the adjusted time

L = Length Adjustable

It helps increase the length of the shock absorber. The two types can be upgraded to 10 mm or adjustable lengths +/- 5 mm.

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