LSL Rearset BMW RnineT Racer black


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Brand: LSL

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The LSL rear sets are inspired by the engineering construction used for bridges. By using this design on every single part of the rear set LSL builds very stiff, yet super light rear sets, which also looks extremely good. Footrest hangers and levers are produced from high quality aluminium. To prevent the play of the levers on the bearings we use long life PTFE bushes. LSL rear sets therefore offer a more precise gear shift. Even at extreme cornering the foldable pegs give extra safety when touching the ground. This option has to be ordered extra.

For this product a further article is available: foldable foot peg linkings / Racing II foot pegs/ Extreme foot peg


Manufacturer Model Chassis number Built from Built to
BMW R nineT Racer - 81 KW 1N12/K32 2017 2017
BMW R nineT Racer - 81 KW 1N12/K32 2018 2018
BMW R nineT Racer - 81 KW 1N12/K32 2019 2019
BMW R nineT Racer Gussrad - 81 KW 1N12/K32 2020 2020
BMW R nineT Racer Speichenrad - 81 K 1N12/K32 2020 2020

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