KOSO GPS for speedometer plug + play kit


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GPS for Speedometer Plug + Play Kit, alternative to conventional speed sensors. Scope of delivery: 1X GPS speed signal converter, 1X GPS connection cable, 1X GPS antenna, 1X 3M Velcro, 2X cable ties 300 mm.

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Brand: Koso

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GPS for speedometer plug + play kit

Some require an alternative to conventional speed sensors for their vehicle.
Whether for aesthetic reasons (for those who don't want visible cables) or for reasons of functionality, this GPS speed sensor offers a wide range of uses.
For example, easy to attach to cars, boats, snowmobiles, etc.
His 66 sat. The antenna picks up the GPS signal and the converter converts it into a signal pulse, which is then passed on to the speedometer and processed by it.
In short, a simple, versatile accessory that represents the future of speed sensors.

Scope of delivery:
1X GPS speed signal converter
1X GPS connection cable
1X GPS antenna
1X 3M Velcro
2X cable ties 300mm

A notice:
This kit is suitable for all Koso devices that can process at least 6 magnets as signal transmitters (please pay attention to the specified sensor points for the desired Koso display device). Please check before buying!
NO MAGNETS are required for this kit!
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Color Black

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