HIGHSIDER Mirror STEALTH -X3 with LED front position light, black


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HIGHSIDER mirror STEALTH -X3 LED front position light , black, E-approved

Making sure you get seen in traffic is always essential for motorcycle riders. For safety reasons alone. Position lights are an effective way to make yourself visible to other road users. They widen the silhouette of your motorcycle, making it easier to see, and thereby increasing your safety. That's why we've equipped our STEALT-X3 mirrors with very bright LED position lights. Usually the lighting is integrated in the mirror head, unconventionally we have the lighting elegantly embedded in the mirror arm. The characteristic design known from the military stealth technology distinguishes the shapely and high-quality mirror. The mirror head made of plastic with its angular elements combined with the colour matt black has a striking appearance. The STEALTH series from HIGHSIDER belongs to the weight class of flyweights, thanks to use of lightweight materials. A sturdy joint and the low weight of the mirror head made of high quality plastic ensure that additional adjustment options for more safety are available and the settings are maintained even at high speed.

Individuality and overview – be it retro style or modern. HIGHSIDER mirror series combine always an individual design with an aerodynamic function. That’s all-round visibility in a perfect way.

Wide head A: 119 mm
Height head B: 90 mm
Total width C: 175 mm
Total height D: 170 mm
Stem length: 144 mm to the kink, from kink 44 mm to the joint, then another 40 mm to the threaded bolt.
Blind hole: M8 x 1,25 mm
Adapter: M10 x 1,25 mm

Delivery contents: 1 pair    

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