Y-Dash Universal BT wireless dashboard for motorcycles


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Y-Dash is a digital control unit that collects signals from the stock bike electrical system. It then transforms them into a data stream over bluetooth. The data is then interpreted by the Android device (not included in the kit) and displayed in real time, with high precision and without any delay. Y-Dash is perfectly compatible with any electrical system from 6v to 12v NOT RUNNING CAN BUS, and is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity in class 2.   MANUAL 

The main features:

-        High speed Bluetooth Streaming

-        Extensive settings menu to suit any need

-        Bluetooth Pin customizable

-        Bluetooth® v2.0 Class 2

-        Programmable with Android (TM) devices

-        SMD technology

-        Streaming protocol designed for maximum noise immunity

-        Hard-reset Function

-        Possibility of use of GPS for determining the speed

-        Extremely compact size: 35mm x 58mm x 16mm

The Android app Y-Dash GT is responsible for receiving the data stream, reinterpret it and display the received data on the display of your smartphone. The extraordinary performance of modern smartphones allow you to have very high refresh rates, and also use the internal GPS to determine speed and distance traveled. All saved data, such as mileage and settings are stored on the unit, in order to make the bike independent from the same device. Download the Android App Y-Dash GT and the user manual to get more info!  

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