Motogadget Chronoclassic Speedo 0-200 km/h, dial and ring black, black LC display


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Chronoclassic speedo dark edition 0-200 km/h, dial and ring black, black LC display, German ABE

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The motogadget chronoclassic is a digital multi-purpose instrument in a classic round casing.
Technically identical to the motoscope classic, it brandishes a black dial and a white indicator. The design resembles old Smiths brand instruments.


Another distinct characteristic is the dark LC display of the DarkEdition. It further increases the harmonic look of the gauge.
Please note: We explicitly stress that readability decreases in cases of direct sunlight. If readability is of primary concern to you, please purchase the standard green display.
A technically identical instrument is also available with an analogue speedometer (please refer to the CLASSIC series).


Parts delivered
Instrument with approx. 55 cm connector cable, complete wiring, fuse, speedometer sensor M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread with 150 cm connector cable, 2x magnet, mini push-button, 3x M4 screw (VA), detailed installation and operating instructions. Please note that temperature and pressure sensors have to be ordered separately (refer to "Accessories"). 


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