KOSO Digital Multifunction Cockpit, DB-02, battery version


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Digital multifunction cockpit, DB-02 (battery version), designed for OFF-ROAD ATVs and motorcycles. Without ABE, not for use on the road!

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Brand: Koso

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Not for use in road traffic! Only for show and racing purposes!

KOSO digital multifunction cockpit, DB-02 (battery version) without ABE
The new DB02 works with an internal battery and was developed primarily for OFF-ROAD ATVs and motorcycles, which are usually not equipped with their own battery. The new dynamic design of the DB-02 connects very well with most motorcycles and ATV's. The bar tachometer is RPM adjustable so it can be adapted to different engine types. The new three-stage shift light allows you to visually signal the perfect shift time. In addition to the bar speed display, we have also integrated a switchable digital rev counter in the DB02, which can be switched on instead of the speed display.

Speed Display: Range: 0 - 360 km/h (0 - 225 MPH)
Display reaction: < 0.5 sec
Total Odometer: Range: 0 - 99999 km (miles)
automatic reset after 99999 km (miles)
Unit: 1 km (miles)
Tripmeter A/B: Range: 0-999.9 km (miles)
automatic reset
after 999.9 km (miles)
Unit: 0.1km(miles)
Speed Limit Warning Light: Range: 30 - 360km/h
(19 - 225 MPH)
Setting unit: 1 km/h (MPH)
top speed
Recording: 0-360 km/h (MPH)
Wheel circumference: adjustment range: 300 - 2500 mm
Adjustment unit: 1mm
Sensor points 6
Digital tachometer: Range: 20,000 rpm
Unit: 10 rpm
60 segment
Bar Tachometer: Range:
10,000 rpm / 166 rpm per segment
15 000 rpm / 250 rpm per segment
20,000 rpm / 333 rpm per segment
Main shift light: Range: 5000 - 20 000 rpm Setting unit: 100 rpm
Front light A / B: Range 500 - 5000 rpm
in front of the main shift light
Setting unit: 100 rpm
Maximum speed absorption: range: 0 - 20 000 rpm
RPM input pulse: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 3, 4, 5, 6
Running time meter: range 0 - 999.9 hours
Thermometer: °C / °F
Thermometer A/B:: Range: 0 - 250°C
(32 - 482°F)
Unit: 0.1°C (°F)
Temperature alarm A/B:B: Range: 60°C - 250°C
(140°F - 482°F)
Unit: 1°C (°F)
:Maximum Temperature Recording: Range 0 - 250°C (32°F - 482°F)
:Voltmeter: Range: DC 0 - 18.0V
Unit: DC 0.1V
Backlight: DC 12V
Battery type: CR2032
Battery life cycle: approx. 220 hours
Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C
Device standard: JIS D 0203 S2
Size: 100*60*20mm
Weight: about 200g
Lights: Speed limit: red
Temperature alarm: red
Front light A: yellow
Front light B: orange
Main shift light: red

Scope of delivery: 1 piece
Data sheet
Color Black
Vehicle brand UNIVERSAL
Execution Digital


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