KOSO Digital Multifunction Cockpit, TNT D64 Custom Style Multimeter


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KOSO digital multifunction cockpit, TNT D64 custom style multimeter black 10000 rpm, ABE, detailed English instructions

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Brand: Koso

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KOSO Digital Multifunction Cockpit, TNT D64 Custom Style Multimeter, Black
The TNT-64 multifunction speedometer is the perfect device for all cafe racers and special projects. The D64 Custom Style uses a stepper motor for quick and smooth response. The device has many functions such as speed, odometer, trip meter, RPM, fuel gauge, clock, shift light, indicator light and more. This speedometer is available in black and includes the necessary accessories.


• Display range : 0-360 km/h (0-225MPH)
• Display unit : km/h & MPH

Updates: < 0.5 seconds

• Display range: 0-99999 km (miles)
• Reset automatically after 0-99999 km (miles)
• Display unit: 1 km (miles)

Trip meter A/B
• Display range: 0-999.9 km (miles)
• Reset automatically after 0-999.9 km (miles)
• Display unit: 0.1 km (miles)

tire circumference adjustment
• Unit: 1mm
• Sensor points: 6

Tachometer: Display range: 0-10,000 rpm

shift light
• Adjustment range: 8,000-10,000 rpm
• Unit: 100 rpm

Warning (shift light)
• Light on (F-OFF)
• Flash (F-ON)

Speed signal setting: Setting range: 0.5, 1-24

Speed pulse: setting range
• HI Act (Positive)
• Lo Act (Negative)

fuel gauge
• Display range: 6 levels
• Unity: Each level equals 16.6%
• Setting: 100 ohms, 250 ohms, 510 ohms, 1200 ohms, SW, User

Clock: 24h

tension meter
• Display range: DC 8-18V
• Flashes as soon as the voltage is below 11.5V or higher than 15.5V

Brightness backlight
• Setting: 1-5 (dark to light)
• Unity: Each level equals 20%

Effective Voltage: DC 12V

Effective temperature range: -10 - 60°C (14 140°F)

Standard: JIS D 0203 S2

Dimensions (W x L x H): 68.33 x 64.55 x 54.03 mm

Weight :±127.3g

Illumination of the function lights
• Blinker (Green)
• Warning Light (Red)
• Neutral (Green)
• High Beam (Blue)

Sensor included: Passive speed sensor: BF019005

Scope of delivery: 1 piece including detailed English instructions
Data sheet
Color Black
Vehicle brand UNIVERSAL
Execution Analogue / digital


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