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This seat was designed and manufactured exclusively for the K75 and K100 BMW models for the 1982 – 1995 series. If you like this design you can use it on any type of motorcycle you prefer by making first all the required modifications at your own risk. It’s a seat that can fit into any project you may have in mind, whether it’s a Café racer or a Scrambler. You can read the instructions below to get a complete overview of what you intend to buy.

Its not exactly a bolt-on seat as it requires you to cut the subframe at the rear end and weld a new base plate found within the installation pack. There is also a plastic cover that covers the bottom half of the seat so that you can ‘’hide’’ the various electric parts once you decide to use them. The seat base and the plastic cover are made of a 3mm ABS plastic and they are a matte black color. The seat is ready-to-use as all the necessary parts are already pre-installed. The foam is 40mm thick with a density of 800kg/cubic meter.

The cover is made of PVC but it's not a 100% watertight due to the seams it has to give it more of a retro look. It has a membrane to hold water away from the foam but not the first layer of foam that is within the cover.  You can order it by selecting the skin color, the stitching pattern and the thread color using our sample book. Along with the seat you can buy the seat cover SC-BMWK if you want to make your seat a one-seater for a Café racer style or buy the luggage rack LR-BMWK that will fit like a glove to your Scrambler and make it easier for you to tie your luggage for your trips.

Change the look of your BMW, K75 or K100 by giving it your personal finishing touch. 



SSCR-BMWK1 X seat 1 X Plastic under cover1 X metal base2 Χ screws Μ6Χ15 (allen-roundhead-washer)2 Χ screws Μ6Χ20 (allen-roundhead-washer)



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