Fork Cartridge K Series 105-w14

COD. 105_W14

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Brand: TFX

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Pair of fork cartridges for models K model 105-w14
The K models have been built for many years, and BMW has used different suppliers and different fork models.

How to recognize the cartridge of your motorcycle:
cap without thread, under the plastic cap there is a seiger ... 820mm cartridge length.

NB: the length of the fork is measured from the center of the wheel spindle to the end of the chrome-plated stem without considering the cap and with the ALL EXTENDED upper leg, then place the fork in the vice and pull hard to extend as far as possible to cancel the internal counter plate.

If you have customized your K and fork "old style" does not satisfy you, we decided to re-make it by changing all the hydraulics and springs. In practice, you will have a vintage fork but with racing performance.

Couple of Hydraulic Fork Cartridge Kit. Cartridge kit for OEM fork with hydraulic adjustments, Developed  and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system which guarantees exceptional performance in cornering and braking.Pistons with expanded oil passages.Adjustable in compression and rebound. The cartridge kit comes complete with springs

The proper installation of this product is important for your safety and requires the intervention of a technical expert.

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