Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY+ "PLUS" Lithium Battery 12V / 150CCA / 200PCA


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Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY UB-12200MM + 12V - 2.5A / 150CCA / 200PCA, similar to an 8Ah lead acid battery

In addition to the latest generation of lithium cells, our new batteries also have a state-of-the-art circuit board with advanced protecSAFE mosfet technology that no other battery offers. Not only are they the safest and most reliable, they are the most powerful, and they are equipped with the most advanced monitoring system that prevents full discharge, overcharge, overvoltage and thermal overload.

In addition, a 70A fuse against short-circuit protection has been installed and can be replaced, which only uses Ultrabatt. The Ultrabatt multiMIGHTY battery only weighs 456 grams and is as powerful as a conventional 8 Ah lead battery.

DIMENSIONS: 107.5 x 40 x 103 mm

Advantages & features:

    Cold start current: 150 CCAmpere (compatible with 8 Ah lead / acid battery)
    Expandable - performance can be flexibly increased by additional modules
    More powerful - starts faster and more reliably
    Longer lifespan - 8-10 years and 2 years warranty
    Flexible installation - can be mounted horizontally or horizontally on each side
    Microchip technology - for maximum security and durability
    Ultra safe - no explosive gases, no lead, no acid
    Short-circuit protection interchangeable
    Minimal self-discharge - always ready to start, even without maintenance
    Short charging time - full charging within 30-60 minutes
    Charging possible with almost all motorcycle-specific alternators


L X B X H   
1 BATTERIE-MODUL       2,5Ah     150CCA 200PCA 10s  


+- 107,5x40x103mm      
+- 107,5x103x40mm

2 BATTERIE-MODULE      5,0Ah      300CCA 400PCA 10s   +- 107,5x80x103mm
+- 107,5x103x80mm
3 BATTERIE-MODULE      6,9Ah      270CCA 600PCA 10s   +- 107,5x120x103mm
+- 107,5x103x120mm
4 BATTERIE-MODULE      9,25Ah      360CCA 800PCA 10s   +- 107,5x160x103mm
+- 107,5x103x160mm
5 BATTERIE-MODULE     11,5Ah      450CCA 1000PCA 10s   +- 107,5x200x103mm
+- 107,5x103x200mm
6 BATTERIE-MODULE    13,8Ah      540CCA 1200PCA 10s   +- 107,5x240x103mm
+- 107,5x103x240mm

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